Sunday, November 17, 2013

Chapter 3 - Due Friday (11.22.13)

1. Why do you think Moose says, "nobody touches Natalie"? Why not?
2. What is a 'morgue'? On what page can it be found? What does Theresa say her job is on the island?
3. What does AKA mean? What is one of Al Capone's other names?
4. Look at the map in the beginning of the book. What are the chances that Theresa, Moose and Natalie will encounter a prisoner when they are walking to Piper's house? How do you know?
5. What does Moose mean when he says Piper's a "looker"?
6. What are your first impressions of Piper? How does she treat Natalie?
7. What is a warden? Who is the warden in this story? What may he not know about Moose's family? Why may this be a problem?
8. Why was Moose's mom worried at the end of the chapter?


  1. Question 6:
    I think that Piper is kindof rude and she dosnt treat Natalie very nice. I dont think Pipier should be being mean to Natalie because she dosnt know anything about Natalie.

  2. question 8
    She was worried because they werent at home and she didnt know were they were.

  3. question 3
    AKA means also known as and al capones nickname is scarface

  4. Question 1

    Maybe because in the past people were mean 2 her or maybe he's just really protective for her


  5. Question 5-
    He means she makes her self look all pretty, dressed up, and spiffy

  6. they might meet a prisoner at the back stairs to rec yard
    question 4

  7. #5 He says she's a looker because she is really pretty. - Ebony