Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Chapter 10 (Due Friday 12.6.13)

1. Why does Mrs. Caconi need to tell Moose that he has a phone? Where is the phone located?
2. Who is on the phone? What is the message for Moose's parents?
3. What does 'permed' mean? On what page can it be found? What is permed?
4. What do you think Moose's parents will do? How will this effect Moose?
5. What does Moose mean when he says "Sticky permanent goop"
6. When does Mooses mom and dad need to pick up natilie, and do they know why.
7.why does Mrs. Caconi say, did you lose your hearing?
8.why does moose's dad look like he stepped on a nail when moose tells him that they have to pick up natalie


  1. question 6
    They have to pick up natilie by night time and no they dont know right away.

  2. question 7 lee
    Mrs. Caconi says he can not hear cause she was banging on the door for 5 minutes

  3. Question 1:
    She needs to tell him that he needs the phone because it is natalies school calling mooses parents telling them that natalie needs to go home. And the phone is located down the stairs by Mre. Caconi

  4. question 3
    a perm is a type of hair due and it can be found on page#62

  5. 8: because he is like in a i forgot state.
    ~ taylin

  6. Question #4-
    They will bring natilie home, moose might not be able to do as much stuff as he would have been able to do without natilie on the island