Monday, December 9, 2013

Chapter 14 (Due Friday 12.13.13)

1. Why is Moose so concerned about changing the day of when they play baseball on Alcatraz Island?
2. What joke does Scout make about the criminals playing baseball?
3. Why does Scout seem so interested in talking about Al Capone?
4. What does Moose offer to give to Scout? Will he charge him?
5. What predictions do you have about Scout and Moose's relationship?
6. What predictions do you have about Piper? Will she get caught by her father (the warden)?
7. What predictions do you have about Natalie? How will she react to not being allowed to play with her buttons?
8. What predictions do you have about Moose? How will he get along with the new school and his friends on the island?


  1. question 4
    He offers him a baseball and no he dose not make him pay for it.

  2. Qusetion #1-
    Because he wants to have freinds and be able to have freinds

  3. question 2
    scout make a joke about the criminals stealing the bases

  4. question 3 lee
    scout is talking about Capone cause he was asking questions about Capone

  5. Question 7:
    I thinks she will be really mad and throw a fit. An I think she win find something else to count.

  6. Question 2~~~~~~~~~working a hole in is ledger book with a pencil. I think.


  7. question 7

    i think natalie will be upset but eventually find something new to do

    ~ taylin