Thursday, December 5, 2013

Chapter 11 (Due Friday 12.6.13)

1. How does Moose's mom react to the message about Natalie from her husband?
2. Why is "if" italicized on page 65? Why was the word so important?
3. What does 'replicate' mean? On what page can it be found? What does Moose's mom think can't be replicated?
4. What did Natalie do that caused a problem?
5. What was Natalie doing in the waiting room getting ready to get picked up?
6. Where did Natalie go to get a test done?
7. Who's Mr. Purdy?
8. What does "vocal" mean and what page can it be found?


  1. question 7
    Mr. Purdy is the guy who runs the Esther P. Marinoff

  2. question 5 lee
    Natalie was counting the stitches on the chair

  3. question 8
    You can find it on page 68 and it means of or relating to human voice.

  4. Question 5:
    she yells and screams all the time at 5:00 in the morning and it might anoy people in the neibor hood.

  5. Question #1-
    She tries to hold in all her feelings and ends up yelling