Monday, December 9, 2013

Chapter 13 (Due Friday 12.13.13)

1. Why do you think the chapter titled one-woman commando unit?
2. Why does Moose say his ears are hot?
3. What does 'natters' mean? Who is nattering? About what?
4. What does Moose's mother want Moose to do? Does Moose like this idea or dislike it? Why?
5. For what reasons is Moose worried about Natalie on Alcatraz island? Who might see her? What might she do?
6. What event needs to be changed from Monday to Tuesday?
7. Why does Moose's mother claim Alcatraz is the safest place to live?
8. Do you think Moose and Natalie will get along in the future chapters? What will be challenging for Natalie? What will be challenging for Moose?


  1. question 5
    Well if they see natalie they could kick there family off the island.

  2. Question #7-
    Because the criminals are all locked up and there are always gaurds

  3. question 6 lee
    baseball needs to be changed to Tuesday

  4. question 4
    moose's mom wants him to watch natilie on monday, moose dislikes this because he has baseball on mondays

  5. Question 1:
    Because piper is being bad and doing it by herself.

  6. Question 3~~~~~
    keep going on or yapping. Moose? Nats not suppose 2 count