Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Chapter 9 (Due Friday 12.6.13)

1. What did Theresa hide from Moose when they first met?
2. What does Theresa mispronounce? Have you ever caught yourself mispronouncing something? (Example: probably for probably or Old Timer's disease for Alzheimer's disease)
3. Who plays baseball well on Alcatraz Island? Why is this surprising?
4. Why does the bell ring every hour on Alcatraz Island?
5.What does the word elaborate mean and what page can you find it on?
6. What does the word remedial mean and what page can you find it on?
7. Why does Moose have to wake his dad up at 6:30?
8. Who's mom is having a baby?


  1. question 4
    the bell rings every hour so they make sure no one has escaped

  2. question 1
    she hid her brother from moose cause her brother was his age

  3. Question 3:
    Her name is Theresa, and it is surprising because she is a small little girl.

  4. #7 there going to the officers party ~ebony

  5. Question #5-
    Involving many carefully arranged parts or details; detailed and complicated in design and planning, page 54