Monday, December 9, 2013

Chapter 12 (Due Friday 12.13.13)

1. What seemed normal about the next morning? What did Natalie do that was "normal"?
2. What is a 'gangplank'? On what page can it be found? Why does Moose think Piper booby-trapped it?
3. Why does Moose think Piper is lying to him about the rules?
4. What does 'scrawny' mean? On what page can it be found? Who is scrawny?
5. What is the sign that Natalie has? Why does Moose oppose to helping Piper?
6. Why do you think Piper talks to Moose about the shiv at school? Why are the other students interested?
7. Why does Moose start to enjoy talking about the convicts on Alcatraz Island?
8. Why are students walking home without their shirts in the cold, foggy afternoon? Why does Moose think Piper is going to get caught?


  1. question 4
    You can find it on page 73 and it means unattractively thin and bony.

  2. Question #3-
    Because piper might want to get him in trouble and piper breaks alot of rules

  3. question 1 lee
    Natalie was watching the sun set and asked for lemon cake

  4. question 2
    a gang plank is a wooden board that connects a boat to a dock so you can get to the boat, moose thinks that piper booby trapped it because she has been mean to him, it can be found on page#72

  5. Question 8:
    Because piper has convinced people to give them there clothes to get washed be the convicts


  6. Question 1~Natalie was watching the sun set


  7. #6 she was trying to be overherd because they use it in Alcatraz ~ebony